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The nutrition quality of the Standard American Diet (SAD) has plunged to its lowest level ever.

Currently the SAD diet derives most of its energy from poor quality proteins, low quality fats, refined carbohydrates, copious amounts of added sugars, and is loaded with excessive sodium and immune system harming chemicals. Another problem is that the most convenient, most advertised, and most familiar foods promote obesity. As result, we have an avalanche of Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, even among teenagers. We need to make a change.

A frequently asked question is, “How many days will it take me to change my eating habits?” We believe it’s 40. Why 40? The answer is simple: we need to learn from folklore, mythology, and science. Consider the following list of homilies and admonitions collected from sources spanning cultures, oral histories, religions, and science:

  • 40 days and nights of rain in Genesis
  • 40 days of Lent
  • 40 years of wandering in Exodus
  • Ali Baba and his 40 thieves
  • Dr. Lieil was sitting 40 steps away from President Lincoln
  • Human pregnancy is 40 weeks
  • Life begins (or ends) at 40
  • Lizzie Borden and her 40 whacks
  • Moses was on the mount for 40 days
  • Punishment of 40 lashes
  • Texans fixing to plow the back 40
  • WD 40

With this pledge, you promise not to eat food from fast food restaurants (aka food factories) and any packaged meal that you simply microwave and eat. The pledge also precludes eating deli-type meats (bacon, ham, spam, salami, pastrami, hot dogs, etc.). Another simple test: if you wonder whether a given item is fast food, it is.

Register now to take the NoFastFood pledge!

If, during this time, you do eat fast food; don’t fret, simply e-mail us your confession, and we may grant you a no-guilt absolution.

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