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The session describes the innovative program that provides nutritious, tasty, and easy to prepare prepackaged breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals at no cost to low income families. The four dishes in the program are designed to provide high quality protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. To prepare any of the dishes, simply add water and cook.


This session is designed to help you develop deep individual commitment to ‘green living.’ Eating Green would save a significant amount of energy used to commercially process and transport processed foods and reduce the waste associated with the disposal of food packaging – glass, plastic, paper, and metal.

Eating Right When Budget’s Tight:

This session details an innovative program which consists of healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes where the cost of the daily menu per person falls below the hourly minimum wage. When this shopping and cooking program is followed diligently, it will go a long way in helping to reduce the pervasive obesity problem and related chronic diseases.

Stop Killing Yourself:

This session is designed to help break the high-calorie and low-nutrition food habits. As you begin to practice this program, you will gradually move away from the calorie rich, low nutrition, and free radical producing junk foods so deeply imbedded in our nation’s diet. The session describes how individuals can easily incorporate high nutrition foods into their daily lives.

Survival Eating:

The session is designed to help develop empathy for those not as fortunate by having you pledge to eat, one day a month, as hundreds of millions of poor people eat every day of their lives. The poor populations in the developing countries survive by consuming between 800 to 1,400 calories per day all of their lives. Conversely, daily per capita consumption in the developed western countries hovers around 3,600 calories.

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