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Eating Right When Budget’s Tight

The Challenge:

According to the US Census Bureau, close to 40 million Americans live in poverty. More than 49 million people, including nearly one child in four, live in households that experience risk of hunger. Nearly 37 million receive food stamps (SNAP –Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and the national unemployment rate has edged above 10%. An outcome of this reality is that millions of Americans with very tight food budgets have become “nutrition poor.” It is well documented that poor nutrition leads to diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Little has been done to educate, teach, and demonstrate how to shop, prepare, and eat nutritious foods on a tight budget. Skewed wisdom says, “It’s not possible to eat healthy on a low wage.” This is true when food consumption revolves around heavily processed empty calorie foods and the classic ‘meat and potato’ regimen.

Eating Right When Our Budget's Tight Progam Menu

3 Meals

Sample Menu – Cost $5.91

About 2,000 calories, about 1600 mg sodium, about 37 grams of natural fiber, and no Trans Fat; total cost $5.91.
French Toast, Fruit Syrup
1% Milk, 1 Cup
Orange Juice, 1 Cup
Tuna Sandwich
1 Banana
Vegetables, Beans, and Chicken Soup
Beef & Vegetables Stir Fry
Noodles With Peanut Butter
1 Orange
Walnut Truffles

The Solution:

We have developed an innovative program which consists of healthy, tasty, and easy to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes where the cost of the daily menu per person hovers around $6. When this shopping and cooking program is followed diligently, it will go a long way in helping to reduce the obesity problem and related chronic diseases.

How It’s Done:

The following program components are provided free of cost to program participants:

• Nutrition education, smart shopping, and recipe tasting sessions conducted through churches, food banks, and similar public service organizations.
• Selected recipe ingredients distributed to session participants.
• Recipes featuring breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack dishes, with cost per serving and nutrition analysis information.
• Nutrition education and cooking demonstration videos.

We will gladly make the program available to churches, food banks, and similar public service organizations.

Visit our membership page to download recipes.

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