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An organization designed to build a deep commitment to green living, develop knowledge and empathy for the world’s low income and poor population, deliver a program of healthy nutrition practices to combat obesity, and to provide scholarships for students from low income families nationally and internationally.


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16,000+ BagOfLife meals delivered to Placer Food Bank

Oct 10, 2014: 16,000+ BagOfLife meals were delivered to the Placer Food Bank. The meals consist of nutritious, delicious, and easy to cook GrandHotCereal, SoupOfLife, and LeanMeanBeanProtein. We at FamilyGreenSurvival are deeply thankful to Mr. Russ Hicks, Nasser Azimi, and the Rotary Club of Roseville to help fund this project. Our thanks to Mr. Dave Martinez at the Placer Food Bank for including these meals in their food distribution to those facing hunger in our neighborhood. First picture, from left: Rotarian Bill Bowen, Gopal Kapur, Andres Ordaz; second picture, from left: Rotary Club of Roseville president Scott Otsuka and Gopal Kapur, third picture, from left: Russ Hicks and myself. Thank you all.

meals delivered to Placer Food Bank1

Rotarians Bill Bowen, Gopal Kapur and Andres Ordaz.

meals delivered to Placer Food Bank3

Rotary Club of Roseville President Scott Otsuka and Rotarian Gopal Kapur.


meals delivered to Placer Food Bank2

Russ Hicks and Rotarian Gopal Kapur.


Roseville group donates 4,000 cereal packs to Placer Food Bank

The packs equate to 16,000 breakfast servings for families facing hunger

Roseville-based Family Green Survival delivered 4,000 bags of cereal packs — equating to 16,000 breakfast servings — to the Placer Food Bank Oct. 14, as part of the group’s efforts to combat hunger through its Bag of Life program.


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Ton Of Salt

We Americans consume too much sodium. The American Heart Association recommends 1,500 mg/per day; 97 percent of the population (that includes children) consumes about twice as much. This is known to contribute to increased rates of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke resulting in thousands of death each year. Most of the sodium in our diet

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