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Calories consumed throughout the world
The larger pan on the left represents 3,654 calories, what the average American eats per day. The pan or the right represents between 800 to 1,400 calories the poor population in developing countries eats per day. The pan in the middle represents what everyone in the world should be eating.

The program asks you to pledge to eat,one day a month, as millions of poor people eat every day of their lives — consuming between 800 to 1,400 calories per day. The poor in the developing countries – India, Africa, Mexico, most of the Asian and many Mid-East countries — amounting to over a billion people, earn between $1 to $3 a day and survive by consuming between 800 to 1,400 calories per day all of their lives. Conversely, daily calorie consumption in the developed western countries hovers around 3,600; Americans average 3,654 calories daily, and food waste is incomprehensible.

The following is an excerpt from an Oprah Show:

“…I go grocery shopping at least twice a week. Yesterday’s trip was $200,” Kriss says. “I probably throw away, at the very least, 25 percent of whatever I’ve bought.” Story


This family of four throws away around $400 worth of groceries every month (the national average for US households is $590 per year). That is more than what a poor family of four in a developing country spends on food for an entire year. 

Survival Eating
In New Delhi, street children have scrounged food from a dumpster and are heating it over a tiny fire, “so it doesn’t make us sick,” they explained.

The experience of Survival Eating will create a deeper understanding and personal empathy for the world’s poor. The rules for Survival Eating are:

  • Food must be prepared and cooked at home
  • Due care must be exercised to portion the servings accurately; remember that serving portions are going to be quite small
  • Your family should eat together and take the time to discuss their views and feelings about the people (country) associated with the food – quantity, quality, and nourishment

Keep in mind that it is not the guilt of our abundance that drives this program; it is the process of personally experiencing an important part of the lives of those that are not so fortunate, and in turn, treating our abundance with respect.    

Participants in the program will receive well tested recipes representing dishes from India, Africa, Mexico, and China.

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