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An organization designed to build a deep commitment to green living, develop knowledge and empathy for the world’s low income and poor population, deliver a program of healthy nutrition practices to combat obesity, and to provide scholarships for students from low income families nationally and internationally.


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Food Rated R: Chef Ramsay

In 1964, two years after I arrived in the US, I was lucky to land a waiter job at a restaurant run by the owner, Mr. Harvans. He was an eclectic and consummate chef, dedicated to the craft. A few weeks into my job, he learned about my interest in western cuisine and saliently began teaching me the fundamentals. Mr. Harvan’s commitment to excellence in all areas of the restaurant, his discipline, nurturing of the staff, and attention to details were admirable.

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Roseville blogger cooks up nutrition advice

Kapur also raising money for low-income meal program

By Sena Christian, The Press Tribune, Link to story

Gopal Kapur was raised by a mother who cooked nutritious, homemade meals.

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NoFastFood Pledge Registration Form

With this pledge, you promise not to eat for 40 days food from fast food restaurants (aka food factories) and any packaged meal that you simply microwave and eat.

The 40 day pledge also precludes eating deli-type meats (bacon, ham, spam, salami, pastrami, hot dogs, etc.). Another simple test: if you wonder whether a given item is fast food, it is.

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